A strong identity management program requires citizen journey mapping


State and local agencies today know the power of the internet, especially coming out of the pandemic, and they want to empower citizens to get things done through government websites. It’s one thing to explain to townspeople, for example, how to get a visitor parking pass, but it’s another to allow a visitor to print a pass on the spot. .

Digital services are in much higher demand after a few years of social distancing, and IT leaders are calling for mapping the journey of citizens through government web properties. Digital Services Georgia defines a citizen journey map as “a visualization of a person’s end-to-end process to achieve a goal,” and agencies can produce such maps by identifying how people interact with an agency online. .

Maryland and Indiana are among the states applying identity and access management (IAM) solutions to facilitate citizen services. To achieve this, both states have turned to available resources to map citizens’ journeys and apply technologies to facilitate their interactions with government (see “States and Localities Build on Success with Identity Management and access”).

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Improvements through identity and access management

Journey maps begin with a conversation within a government enterprise where officials come together to share information and insights. They should then collect data on online interactions and citizen expectations.

It is important to visualize a public figure and understand how residents interact with government websites to accomplish their tasks. Journey mapping can align agency resources with citizen goals. Ohio successfully launched its OH|ID IAM solution, perhaps the nation’s most advanced citizen identity management program, complete with journey mapping. A strong IAM program helps citizens move through the collective enterprise of a government.

Using a single sign-on, citizens interact with agencies responsible for collecting taxes, driver’s licenses, unemployment benefits, and other processes seamlessly. It is easy to understand the great interest in IAM solutions among state governments over the past few years.


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