Best Identity Management Solution | CyberArk Identity Security Platform


The CyberArk Identity Security Platform enforces least privilege and enables secure access on any device, anywhere. Built on a foundation of privileged access management and powered by AI-based behavior and risk analytics, the platform helps organizations secure access to critical business data and infrastructure, protect a distributed workforce and accelerate business in the cloud.

CyberArk believes that every organization needs to re-examine how it defines identity, from humans to apps and machines. More identities equal more risk – and that’s why identity has become the next cybersecurity battleground. The identity security platform features single sign-on (SSO), adaptive multi-factor authentication, and lifecycle management that provides easy and secure access to resources for staff and customers.

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CyberArk’s Identity Security Platform features real-time intelligence and analytics, and a security-first approach. The platform offers Secure Web Sessions, which protects high-risk web applications through continuous monitoring, re-authentication enforcement, and isolation of risky sessions, giving organizations visibility into every action users take. during web sessions.

Research from CyberArk found that while 80% of organizations report misuse or abuse of employee access to business applications, secure web sessions can help companies avoid this condition. CyberArk’s Identity Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) also helps businesses prevent data loss from compromised or stolen credentials. Unlike traditional MFA solutions, CyberArk Identity Adaptive MFA uses AI-based behavioral analysis to determine which authentication factors to apply to a particular user in a specific situation, improving end-user satisfaction and productivity .


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