Cloudentity Announces Privacy-Centric Consumer Identity Management for Unlimited Users at Zero Cost


AURORA, Colorado–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today at Identiverse, Cloudentity, the leading provider of B2B Customer Identity and Authorization (CIAM) solutions, announced the global availability of Identity Pools. Identity Pools is a new feature that disrupts existing on-premises and SaaS identity providers by providing a lightweight identity platform including user registration, consent management, delegated administration, and features MFA. Identity pools are purpose-built to meet the cloud-scale transactional requirements needed for digital transformation and evolving privacy regulations.

Businesses often face a dilemma when building their next generation of applications; Existing CIAM products are expensive, slow, and unable to meet modern fine-grain authorization and B2B privacy/data sharing requirements. Since its initial invite-only release in 2021, Identity Pools has been able to automatically scale as a cloud-native application, meaning businesses requiring additional transactional capacity can scale to meet demand in fractions of a second and in precise increments. Identity pools also provide enterprises with support for Financial Grade API (FAPI), MFA, user management, consent management, delegated administration, and flexible extensible schemes.

“Cloudentity is the first B2B CIAM platform built from the ground up for the cloud while protecting end user privacy. Today, hundreds of organizations and tens of millions of users are protected by our platform,” said Brook Lovatt, CPO of Cloudentity. “Any business can now modernize their approach to customer identity using identity pools, while dramatically reducing operating and licensing costs. Additionally, implementing identity pools allows customers to focus on strong authentication at the start of the user session to fine-tune the customer experience with granular, privacy-centric authorization.

Identity pools are lightweight IdP configurations designed for developers. They feature customizable schemas and a rich API-focused design built to meet modern B2B CIAM use cases. Identity Pools provide customizable no-code user journeys for registration, password reset, and strong authentication backed by a REST API layer that can be leveraged by developers to build any workflow imaginable user journey.

“One of the fundamental design principles of Cloudentity’s products is the decoupling of authentication from authorization, which gives our customers the flexibility to move freely between their own IdPs, their partners’ IdPs, and other identity context data sources. This allows app developers to rely on real-time transaction authorization rather than the level of trust associated with an authentication that may have occurred hours or days earlier,” Lovatt continued. “Cloudentity moves functionality that has historically been applied at authentication time since the start of a user session (such as MFA, risk analysis, and consent collection) into the authorization layer. As a result, the role of an identity provider in this landscape becomes a simple product that we are happy to offer our customers in a simple and integrated way, and at no additional cost.”

Identity Pools replaces expensive per-user pricing on customers’ existing IdPs with a simple, free extension to Cloudentity’s authorization platform with proven performance at scale. It is offered in all Cloudentity public SaaS regions, as private IaaS or on-premises.

Get started with Identity Groups or visit booth #1801 at Identiverse being held this week in Aurora, Colorado.

About Cloudentity

Cloudentity provides the most flexible and scalable solution for B2B Consumer Identity to secure modern digital businesses on hybrid, multi-cloud and microservices infrastructure. Delivered as an external declarative authorization service, the platform enables developers to centrally manage granular policy as code, orchestrate provisioning, ensure end-user privacy and consent and to ensure continued application at the level of large-scale transactions. As a result, enterprises increase development speed and service agility while mitigating privacy, API security, and compliance risks. For more information, visit


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