IBT Acquires Tailored Solutions to Expand Biometric Background Checking and Identity Management


IBT (Integrated Biometric Technology) has enhanced its back-end capabilities for identity management to meet biometric demand in government departments and stadiums with the acquisition of Tailored Solutions Corporation.

The Tailored Solutions software is used with fingerprint biometrics and name-based criminal history systems and gun registries for dozens of state agencies, according to the announcement.

IBT CEO Charles Carroll says Biometric update in an interview that the company can now bid on state contracts with an element of internal arbitration, rather than partnering with Tailored Solutions, as Carroll has done in the past.

“These guys have spent thirty years perfecting software that I would call umpire support software,” he explains. The software automates the management of 80-85% of applications, minimizing manual workloads.

Information from the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), and State Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (SAFIS) can be applied to the criteria a client organization uses to ensure safe and secure operation. Carroll gives the example of a bank declaring that a clean criminal record is a requirement of employment, without further specification, can rely on Tailored Solutions arbitration to determine that a traffic violation that technically counts as an offense is not intended to disqualify a candidate. User biometrics or name may match criminal record, but criminal record may not match exclusion criteria.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Carroll says Tailored Solutions “always grossly undervalued itself.”

They have few other flaws, according to Carroll’s account. He praises the management and the engineering team of the new subsidiary of IBT, their personal quality and their passion for the work.

“The software is invaluable if you work in the field of background checks and identity management,” says Carroll.

Tailored Solutions has been in the business for 26 years and Carroll reveals he tried to convince Idemia to buy it years ago.

In addition to boosting IBT’s offerings for background screening services to states and other large organizations, Tailored Solutions’ software can also benefit stadium identity management solutions. Registered mobile app users can provide access to their match day credentials, with Tailored Solutions’ software providing fast confirmation from the server.

Bespoke solutions will benefit from joining IBT with access to “the infrastructure and administrative team that they don’t have,” says Carroll.

Kiosks and rap-back

Tailored Solutions is also implementing its FlexCheck RAP BACK solution for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, allowing TBI to notify agencies when a previously cleared employee is convicted of a crime. This type of solution has broad market potential, according to Carroll.

The acquired company will retain its own brand for the time being and will gradually be integrated into IBT. The software it produces will also be applied to other new solutions.

“They can do so much more with their technology, so we’re going to be focused on growing that business and making sure these exciting and impactful new software products are integrated on a much larger scale,” says Carroll.

One application that IBT is developing is biometric kiosks that can replace employees in remote areas where it is not cost effective to have a full time employee. In case the user needs help, he can call on IBT’s National Identity Center in Nashville for assistance.

“With our kiosks, you can press the red button and a live operator comes on immediately.”

“That’s the main difference between what we do now and what we did before,” adds Carroll. “We are leveraging state-of-the-art technology to be able to accomplish more mobile and remote registrations.”

Overall, says Carroll, Tailored Solutions’ core products can be leveraged to provide additional services to other customers.

“Expect more announcements”

IBT plans to continue to innovate with biometrics, Carroll says, but also to continue to leverage an industry ecosystem that has spawned underappreciated technologies to grow the business.

According to Carroll, there are many large organizations with advanced technology that are too small for large corporations.

“That’s the advantage of being there for a while,” he muses. “I’ve worked with a lot of people in the industry. It gave me the opportunity to look at different technologies, and we are looking for great partners.

IBT plans to launch “two, three, five, ten together, and you never know how big we can get just by hiring the right people with the right technology to deliver the right product.”

The biometrics industry has changed over the years, Carroll says, moving beyond its original mandate of providing security without concern for convenience, to convenience as a driver of growth.

“TSA PreCheck, for me, was a proof of concept.”

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