Identity management and information security news for the week of July 22; Updates to ForgeRock, DynaTrace, IP Fusion, etc.


The editors of Solutions Review curated this list of the most notable identity management and information security news for the week of July 22. This curated list includes identity and information security vendors such as ForgeRock, Dynatrace, IP Infusion, and more.

Keeping tabs on all the most relevant identity management and information security news can be a daunting task. Accordingly, our editorial team aims to provide a summary of the main headlines from the past month, in this space. Solutions Review editors will curate news on vendor products, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital funding, talent acquisition, and other notable identity management and security news stories some information.

News of the week of July 22 on identity management and information security

ForgeRock Uncovers 297% Increase in U.S. Breaches Related to Supply Chain and Third-Party Suppliers

ForgeRock, a digital identity provider, announced findings from its 2022 Consumer Identity Breach Report, revealing an unprecedented 297% increase in breaches caused primarily by security issues associated with the blockchain. procurement and third-party suppliers. It also accounted for almost 25% of all violations. The report also revealed that unauthorized access was the leading cause of breaches for the fourth consecutive year, rising steadily to reach 50% of all compromised records in 2021.

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Incident IQ launches integration with Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity SSO platform

Incident IQ, the workflow management platform designed for K-12 districts, has released an API-based integration for Identity Automation’s RapidIdentity. RapidIdentity’s SSO solution protects large K-12 schools from cybersecurity threats by providing secure login access to essential learning tools for district users. Technology downtime is a significant barrier to K-12 education, and the integration of RapidIdentity for Incident IQ provides a frictionless workflow for students and staff to gain help him quickly.

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Delinea and Automize Announce Strategic Partnership to Expand and Improve Identity Security Controls in the Cloud

Delinea, a Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions provider, and Authomize, a Cloud Identity and Access Security provider, announced a strategic partnership to co-sell their products. Delinea and Authomize have partnered to create common use cases, giving organizations more control over who can access cloud apps and services. By deploying both products, organizations can securely store credentials while automating access governance, reducing credential theft and lateral movement across all cloud environments, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and more.

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Dynatrace unifies log and user experience analytics to enable faster, more customer-centric software innovation

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has announced that it has enhanced its analytics capabilities for modern multi-cloud environments by unifying its AI-powered log analytics with its Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capabilities. , including Session Replay. This latest enhancement to the Dynatrace platform enables development teams to automatically gain deeper insight into specific user journeys by connecting logs to the user sessions that generated them. This additional context allows teams to use the platform’s DEM capabilities to analyze relevant user sessions and behavior and read actions from any user journey through Session Replay to gain contextualized insights that detail how to optimize the user experience. .

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Experts warn of brazen new attacks facing IT service providers

Three cybersecurity experts have issued stark warnings about the range of threats now facing IT service providers, from brazen phone phishing attacks to threat actors who run criminal organizations like modern businesses. The alerts were issued as MSPs and other supply chain actors increasingly became the target of cyberattacks aimed at disrupting services, such as the 4th of July weekend malware attack on SHI International, some of whose systems were taken out of service for more than a week before being recently restored. .

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IP Infusion successfully validates its disaggregated cell site gateway at O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2022

IP Infusion, a provider of open network software and solutions for wireline and mobile network operators, announced that it has successfully demonstrated the maturity and stability of its OcNOS-based Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) solution, addressing of use at O-RAN Global PlugFest Spring 2022. IP Infusion’s DCSG demonstrated advanced timing and synchronization capabilities critical to the Fronthaul network. The DCSG as a Fronthaul switching solution provides unique functionality in the Fronthaul by providing an integrated master clock reference to the RAN components. Mature transport capabilities deliver high performance and low latency with services such as segment routing, L2VPN-EVPN, and L3VPN, for RAN traffic.

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