Innovatrics adds web access to ABIS to improve video processing speed for criminal investigations


The face of Innovatrics in video search

Multi-modal biometric solutions developer Innovatrics has announced that the video processing capabilities of its facial recognition tool for video surveillance have been upgraded, allowing access to its face-in-video identification system via the web application. Automated Biometric Identification System.

The move follows an upgrade to its SmartFace platform earlier this year and aims to speed up video analysis processes to help probes match one or more persons of interest in video recordings.

With the new system, police and other law enforcement officers need no manual effort when analyzing biometric data from images to identify suspects of crimes, the company says, this which means officers can save a lot of time in carrying out investigations.

Innovatrics explains that faces can be automatically detected and identified along with other data, such as age and gender estimates, after an investigator submits all necessary images of a particular case.

As soon as the searched face is identified by the system, the agent is directed to the video footage of the person in question which shows every action of the individual in the video, making it easier to determine what happened in the given video. .

The new system, according to Innovatrics, also allows law enforcement to conduct investigations quickly using the collected videos. This can be done by streamlining the videos based on the time they were recorded, the camera used as well as other desired parameters. The fast video processing function also searches for videos faster than in real time.

Innovatrics notes that the system can also detect the identity of a wanted person by simply analyzing a partial image of them recorded in a video.

Meanwhile, the upgraded SmartFace facial recognition solution has offline video forensic capability. The offline function is provided by the SmartFace Embedded solution which was part of the platform update mentioned above. This feature can be used to quickly alert security officers during security incidents, such as when a child is reported missing in a public space such as a shopping mall. Early warning allows officers to help identify and reunite the child with their parents, the company explains.

Besides the speed with which video footage can be processed, videos of other security incidents can be uploaded to the platform by security officers, allowing them to include descriptions to set up face searches. SmartFace also makes face matching easier, and with as many relevant search results as possible, depending on the ad.

Innovatrics also increased the accessibility of its ABIS earlier this year with the launch of an Android app and added iris biometrics.

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