Kansans not at risk of losing access to birth control after SCOTUS ruling


WICHITA, Kansas (KWCH) – After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade last week, some wonder how or if the move might impact their access to birth control. Earlier this week, a Missouri hospital announced it would stop providing emergency contraception after the state moved to ban nearly all abortions. The hospital reversed that decision after the state attorney general clarified that the abortion ban did not prohibit Plan B or other forms of birth control.

Eyewitness News spoke to a birth control advocacy group who said Kansans shouldn’t worry about losing access to their birth control. Yet a recent national poll showed that 55% of respondents said they believed the Supreme Court would eventually end or limit access to birth control and contraceptives.

Tara Mancini is the director of public policy for a birth control resource organization called Power to Decide. She explained why Kansans should not fear losing this access.

“People have a right to worry, but right now, you know, there’s always access. Birth control is legal in Kansas, so you can get it from your doctor, any clinic you know,” Mancini said.

In his opinion, the biggest concern is the limited access to birth control. The Power to Decide study showed that the lack of resources in the state is due to a lack of health facilities. However, further limiting access to contraceptives does not seem likely without a fight.

“Whatever happens is going to be a big battle. Any attempt to try to carp is not going to happen,” Mancini said.

As for emergency contraceptives and reports of people stocking up, Mancini said there was no need to panic.

“I wouldn’t recommend people go out and monopolize everything for themselves. Of course, I understand that people are worried about us. I’m not saying don’t go get some, but I’m saying make sure there’s some for the others out there,” she said.

Mancini said to also make sure those who want to use birth control now have plenty of ways to access resources.

“Make sure everyone knows, understands (that) it’s treated by law as birth control because that’s what it is,” she said.

If you or someone you know is trying to access birth control, Mancini said to be sure to contact your doctor or see the Power to Decide website for online resources.

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