OTT and CIAM Platforms: How Identity Management Helps Millions of Viewers Scale Easily



The past couple of years have been great for OTT (over the top) platforms since the global entertainment and content distribution industry experienced a paradigm shift.

Admit it, the craze for going to the movies on weekends is fading and is quickly being replaced by enjoying your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your recliner or even your bed!

Yes, OTT platforms have revolutionized the entire entertainment industry for good. However, specific consumer experience challenges are still the bottlenecks of various OTT service providers.

One of those major challenges among the content distribution channel is managing the ever-increasing demands of viewers across multiple platforms.

Today, managing billions of identities is skyrocketing for media companies, especially when every viewer demands an omnichannel experience.

This is where an identity management solution can be a game changer.

Let’s understand how a consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution could help OTT platforms manage scalability dilemmas like a breeze.

CIAM and OTT — Made for each other

No OTT company can give an accurate prediction about the increase in daily signups or subscriptions in the current era where the Internet has become a second home for most of us.

Thus, enterprises must understand the importance of a robust and scalable CIAM solution that can handle a sudden increase in the number of logins or registrations without hampering the user experience.

With a CIAM solution such as LoginRadius, you can be sure to provide the best user experience to your existing customers and potential subscribers, as our cloud infrastructure automatically scales to accommodate rapidly changing data storage loads. , account creation, consumer authentication, deployment of new applications, and more.

What else? You get the highest level of security with strong authentication mechanisms including multi-factor authentication, risk-based authentication, and more.

Security is no longer a luxury; It is Absolute Necessity!

Media companies need to understand that delivering a great user experience through a highly scalable infrastructure is crucial, but not at the expense of poor connectivity and security.

Balancing user experience with robust security is the need for OTT platforms since cybercriminals are already targeting consumer identities by exploiting weak security layers.

As we know, every OTT platform handles peak loads as the number of viewers and subscribers grows rapidly; tight security layers should be the top priority.

Therefore, to avoid multi-million dollar losses and prevent brand tarnishing in global markets, OTT providers should immediately consider integrating smart security mechanisms through a reliable CIAM solution.

Why is LoginRadius the ideal companion for OTT platforms?

Our infrastructure scales automatically to accommodate your rapidly growing customer base. LoginRadius ensures that your expansion has no limits with no user limit.

Plus, the LoginRadius identity platform automatically scales to handle hundreds of applications, whether web, mobile, smart TV, game console, and the list goes on.

Here are some reasons why OTT platforms should choose LoginRadius as their identity provider:

  • Self-evolving infrastructure: LoginRadius enables enterprises to deliver a secure and enjoyable user experience to their customers through its comprehensive and scalable secure identity and access management platform. With 100% uptime and 35 data centers around the world, LoginRadius’ cloud-based platform can scale to hundreds of millions of users in seconds.
  • Low Friction User Registration: LoginRadius offers flexible account setup choices like standard login, social login, and self-service registration for hassle-free entry into your web or mobile application.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA): LoginRadius provides identity management for developers by making it easy to safeguard consumer data with additional layers of protection. CIAM provider allows a plethora of authentication methods including phone call, SMS/text message, email verification, timecode, hardware token, security questions, biometrics, Google Authenticator, etc., whenever they want to access their accounts.
  • Single sign-on (SSO): Single sign-on can provide easy access to multiple websites or applications using a single set of credentials. Developers can connect with external identity providers by implementing OAuth 2.0, SAML, or OpenID Connect standards. LoginRadius offers different ways to integrate web, mobile, and federated SSO.
  • Compliance management: Developers can add authorization policies through LoginRadius. The CIAM provider is well compliant with official data protection regulations around the world, such as EU GDPR and California CCPA.

Final Thoughts

OTT platforms have witnessed a massive increase in users and subscribers over the past two years, and as a result, securing massive user information becomes an uphill battle for providers.

Moreover, the ever-increasing demands of subscribers can only be met by a self-scaling infrastructure that guarantees security and handles peak loads without any problems.

The LoginRadius CIAM brings robust security and a rich user experience to OTT platforms with a real-time self-scaling infrastructure that automatically scales based on user demands.

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