The Role of Identity Management in Securing Your Citizens’ Data


We’re in an era where rich customer experiences backed by robust identity security are all users need from businesses. And the same is expected of private sector organizations.

However, when we talk about citizen experience and security, most government and public sector organizations seem unable to match the level of security and usability.

As a result, identity management issues in the government sector persist and can have serious implications for the privacy and security of citizen information.

So what can be the ideal solution to provide robust identity security without hampering the user experience in the public sector?

This is where the crucial role of identity management comes in!

Identity management has been a game-changer for businesses for decades, helping businesses succeed by ensuring the highest level of security and exceptional user experience.

Let’s understand the aspects of leveraging identity management through a trusted Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform to address security and usability issues in the public sector.

With population growth and the expansion of public services, cities must be innovative in providing services to all without compromising the quality of services. There is a need for a single platform where all facilities are centralized and customer experience is taken into account.

Identity management in the government sector is a great way to get started as it can prove a citizen’s identity through various government channels without compromising the user experience.

As the government invokes the potential of secure digital identities, citizens would access basic services and resources hassle-free.

Moreover, every citizen needs some kind of public service, so securely managing a unique number of identities becomes a difficult problem for the government to solve. This is where the need for digital identity management comes into play.

A smart CIAM (consumer identity and access management) solution like LoginRadius helps public sector organizations efficiently manage multiple identities without hampering the user experience.

Let’s learn how a CIAM solution like LoginRadius can deliver a flawless digital experience for civilians that drives global development bolstered by adequate security.

Invoking the true potential of identity management in the government sector can improve the citizen experience and potentially play an important role in enhancing security.

Let’s understand how an identity management system like LoginRadius CIAM helps improve overall security and citizen privacy:

Authentication in the public sector is crucial, which ultimately requires a robust mechanism to guarantee the security of user identities.

LoginRadius offers multi-factor authentication via SMS, automated phone calls, email, security questions and authenticator apps, allowing you to personalize the user experience.

Depending on various public sector needs, you can also choose to enable multi-factor authentication on all customer accounts.

On the other hand, LoginRadius risk-based authentication is a non-static authentication system that takes into account the profile (IP address, browser, physical location, etc.) of a consumer requesting access to the system. to determine the risk profile associated with this action.

The risk-based implementation allows various web applications to prompt users for additional credentials only when the level of risk is appropriate.

Passwords can easily be guessed or compromised, especially for older people who aren’t used to keeping different passwords for different accounts.

As a result, the risks of account takeover and compromised identities increase exponentially for seniors.

With a passwordless login, you can create a completely seamless registration and authentication process for citizens, freeing them from the hassle of remembering another password.

User-controlled passwords are vulnerable to phishing, credential stuffing, brute force attacks, enterprise account takeover (CATO), and more.

So, when there is no password to hack in the first place, these vulnerabilities will automatically diminish.

Passwordless login uses the same global security standards as password-based logins, plus advanced features for increased security.

When it comes to customer identity security and user experience, global brands are already leveraging CIAM solutions to thrive in business success.

And public sector and government organizations should not be slow to adopt a reliable identity management system that can provide robust security for critical citizen information.

Identity management in the government sector can also help address issues related to poor user experience.


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