ZITADEL raises $2.5 million to improve its open source identity management platform


ZITADEL announces $2.5 million in seed funding led by Nexus Venture Partners. The funding will help ZITADEL provide developers with a much-needed open source alternative for their identity management needs and scale its solution, increase sales growth, and nurture the open source community.

The current market landscape consists of established but closed-source players including Auth0, Okta, Firebase, AWS Cognito, and others.

ZITADEL’s founding vision was to create a simplified, cloud-native identity management platform to accelerate software projects to market. Focused on ease of integration, out-of-the-box self-service features, customizable and secure login with best-in-class support for passwordless authentication, and an API-centric strategy , ZITADEL’s unique turnkey platform offers developers unprecedented flexibility.

Developers often spend countless hours building, configuring, and operating complex authentication and authorization systems. ZITADEL, which is built primarily in the Go programming language, solves these problems with easy-to-use integrations across multiple languages ​​and frameworks. This flexibility allows developers to use the predefined features provided by ZITADEL to significantly improve their productivity. Additionally, ZITADEL’s capabilities cater to existing open source projects that were not designed for a cloud-native, serverless environment.

The ZITADEL team is working to further enrich the preparation of the solution for the company. New features include multitenancy, unlimited audit trails, better self-hosting capability, and support for serverless deployments, as well as the ability to extend the reach of ZITADEL with custom code created in WebAssembly . Combined with its cloud-native architecture, ZITADEL’s self-hosting capabilities allow privacy-conscious customers to own and control their data by running a dedicated version. ZITADEL’s flexible model, with its array of smart efficiency enhancements, is already the go-to solution for many well-known enterprise customers.

The generous free tier of ZITADEL’s cloud-hosted offering allows anyone to create a ZITADEL instance in less than five minutes, without a credit card. In its ongoing commitment to provide GDPR support to its customers, ZITADEL Cloud also offers the ability to define the country or geopolitical region in which to store their data.

“In the midst of today’s complex software projects, ZITADEL provides a turnkey solution that makes it easy for developers to get started with secure login, user management, multi-factor authentication, social logins, permissions management, and excellent APIs. With ZITADEL, we provide an important element to improve the overall security of a project while reducing your time to market,” said Florian Forster, co-founder and CEO of ZITADEL.

“We are delighted to innovate by partnering with Florian and the ZITADEL team, our very first investment in a Swiss company. We believe the future of digital identities is passwordless. ZITADEL takes an open-source, developer-centric approach to solving identity management. Its simple, easy-to-integrate building blocks help developers integrate secure authentication into their applications without requiring deep in-house expertise or commitment of resources. said Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director of Nexus Venture Partners. “ZITADEL is the latest addition to the Nexus family of more than a dozen renowned commercial open source companies,” added Sharma.


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